Vieira: I’m Pleased With Arsenal, But ..

Vieira: I’m Pleased With Arsenal, But ..

Arsenal legend Patrick Vieira admits he is happy with the football played by the Gunners, but he feels that it is not enough to win the title.

Arsenal are known as a team that features beautiful football, but after the defeat of Liverpool, Vieira believes that his former club had to do something to find balance in the team.

“If you look at Arsenal games today, I honestly really enjoy their game. They have beautiful football, “the Frenchman told reporters.

“But it is not enough to win a game, or a competition. In my era we won, because even though we did not look too good, we had the ability to win by 1-0. ”

“I do not mean to say that my generation is much better than the current generation. Comparing the two generations is unreasonable, because we are in two different periods. ”

“The team in the generation of play by relying on the physical, while the team in this generation, is a more capable football players. It is unquestionable, and that balance is what Arsenal need to find. “

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