SEA Games 2017, Indonesia Must Take advantage of “Hell” Minutes Malaysia

SEA Games 2017, Indonesia Must Take advantage of “Hell” Minutes Malaysia

Indonesia U-22 national team will meet the next test in SEA Games 2017 semifinal match counter Malaysia at Shah Alam Stadium on Saturday (26/08/2017) Agen Sbobet Terpercaya.

Malaysia advanced to the last four with victory in all Group A matches. They defeated Brunei Darussalam (2-1), Singapore (2-1), Myanmar (3-1) and Laos (3-1).

However, Thanabalan Nadarajah cs always conceded. That is, there is a gap for Indonesia to vibrate Malaysia nets.

Then, when is the most appropriate time to beat Malaysia?

Apparently, there is a certain period of time that is a minute of hell for the host. The first 15 minutes of the game and the 15th of the first and second half are the moments that can be exploited.

When facing Brunei, Malaysia was broken by Mohamed Zulkhairy in the 12th minute. Then, Young Tigers burglarized Singapore player, Amiruldin Asraf in the 38th minute.

Then, Myanmar followed the footsteps of Brunei and Singapore by packing a goal through Thain Paing in the 85th minute. Do not want to miss, Laos also joined forces Malaysian goalkeeper picked up the ball in the 32nd minute through phanthavong Thanin slant.

The statistics show that Malaysia is less prepared at the start of the game and like running out of gas at the end of the first and second half.

Uniquely, five of Indonesia’s seven goals created in the minute which is a disaster for Malaysia. Indonesia only twice scored a goal in the middle period per round, namely when poured goals against Timor Leste (Marinus Wanewar 22 ‘) and Cambodia (Febri Hariyadi 69’).

The remaining minutes of hell for Malaysia is heaven’s minute for Indonesia. When fighting against Thailand, Septian David Maulana equalized via penalty in the 60th minute.

Then, while shaving Philippines, Septian David Maulana (8 ‘), Muhammad Hargianto (45’), and Saddil Ramdani (59 ‘) respectively proved their capacity in the first 15 minutes and the end of each round.

Then, Ezra Walian goal to goalkeeper of Cambodia in the 56th minute to prove the ability of foster children Luis Milla in the early 15 minutes of the round.

So, already know the weakness of Malaysia, Garuda Young? Make heaven we put out the host hell!

Here are the results of Malaysia and Indonesia matches in the group phase:


2-1 vs. Brunei (Safavid Rasid 4 ‘, Adam Azlin 61’ Mohamed Zulkhairy 12 ‘)

2-1 vs. Singapore (Adam Azlin 68 ‘, Thanabalan Nadarajah 74’ Amiruldin Asraf 38 ‘)

3-1 vs. Myanmar (Thanabalan Nadarajah 33 ‘, 82’, Safavid Rasid 35 ‘; Than Paing 85’)

3-1 vs. Laos (Jafri Firdaus Chew Muhammad 26 ‘, 90’, Adib Zainuddin 39 ‘; Phanthavong Thanin 32′)


1-1 vs Thailand (Septian David Maulana 60’-pen; Chaiyawat Buran 14 ‘)

3-0 vs Philippines (Septian David Maulana 8 ‘, Muhammad Hargianto 45’, Saddil Ramdani 59 ‘)

1-0 vs. East Timor (Marinus Wanewar 22 ‘)

0-0 vs. Vietnam

2-0 vs. Cambodia (Ezra Walian 56 ‘, Febri Hariyadi 69’)

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