PSM Recipes Survive in League’s Top Board 1

PSM Recipes Survive in League’s Top Board 1

PSM Makassar deserves to be called the most consistent team in League 1 2017 Until the 30th week, Juku Eja’s squad is always at the top. In addition to good player material and according to the needs of the team, financial support from management was fairly healthy.

Like the top club, PSM so coveted the opponent to be defeated. The pressure for Juku Spell is also much larger than the previous season. But, like a pinisi boat that must face the vicious sea, so far PSM able to get out of the pressure.

Hamka Hamzah, the captain of PSM, revealed his team’s prescriptions persisted under pressure.

“It must be admitted, the demands of supporters who hope PSM champion is very big.In contrast, the competitors race to defeat us so it is natural that we feel the pressure,” said Hamka told a media conference at Hotel Same in Makassar on Monday (23/10/2017).

According to Hamka, in this situation, the role of senior players is very large in the PSM. “I am with Zulkifli Gratitude, Ardan Aras, and Syamsul Chaeruddin actively motivate other players to keep their appearance and spirit up,” Hamka said.

For Hamka and other PSM senior players, this is the best chance for them to win the title with PSM.

“As a regional son, our pride for bringing the PSM champion, especially since 17 years PSM has never won a league title,” said Hamka.

Hamka added that he always stressed to his colleagues at PSM to always focus on improving the appearance of themselves and the team. “It has to work hard to perform better in every party without needing to pray for a losing team to win the championship,” he said.

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