Play In Three Preseason Game, Liverpool Captain Expects New Injury-Free Season

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Play In Three Preseason Game, Liverpool Captain Expects New Injury-Free Season

Optimism began to grow in Jordan Henderson’s chest after appearing in pre-season matches. Skipper Liverpool is hoping if in 2017/2018 later he is no longer familiar with the injury Taruhan Bola Online.

When the competition Premier League 2016/2017 new halfway, Henderson had to pull over early. Since Ferbuari then he can no longer lead his colleagues in the hunt for one place in the big four. Yet his role is very vital at that time because it has just been transformed as a defensive midfielder by Jurgen Klopp.

As a result he can only return at the time the Reds menajalani series of friendship and tour this summer. Henderson even willingly shortened his vacation and undergo additional training before he had to reunite with the squad on July 5 last. Naturally, because this ex Sunderland hopes next season can be free from injury.

“I’ll be happy once again. It feels great to be able to practice, work hard, and of course compete again. Hopefully injury next season is no longer coming and the team can achieve success, “said Henderson when met in Hong Kong in pre-season.

“I feel stronger every time I practice and play. When the inaugural match of the new season I hope I have returned to maximum fitness, ”

“I know I can do better, especially in the match I’ve played. The best feeling may have come in the evening’s match against Crystal Palace. It feels more confident every time lowered, “added midfielder England 27 this year.

There have been three game trials through which the Mesreyside Red and Henderson skiers were played in each of the matches though not full. He performed on average for 45 minutes in the game counter Tranmere Rovers, Wigan Athletic and Crystal Palace. Furthermore there are still Leicester City, Hertha Berlin, Athletic Bilbao and Bayern Munich, before facing Watford in the inaugural Premier League weekend 2017/2018. (ESPN FC,

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