Persija Want to Play Counter Persib at Patriot Chandrabaga Stadium

Persija Want to Play Counter Persib at Patriot Chandrabaga Stadium

Persija Jakarta Management teteap want to hold a match against Persib Bandung in the continued League 1 2017 at the Statue Patriot Chandrabaga Bekasi, West Java. This match will take place November 3, 2017 Game Judi Online.

“The Bekasi City Stadium is a cage for Persija, we want to be treated fairly because in the previous meeting with Persib, we also went to Bandung,” said Chief Executive Committee Arief Perdana Kusuma, in Bekasi, Monday (4/9/2017) as quoted from Antara.

Arief said the meeting of both teams are still experiencing resistance from Polrestro Bekasi Kota on the decision of the organizer who determines the location of the match at home Persija. “However, we continue to lobby the police force to give permission to Persija playing at home, the possibility to play is 75 percent,” he said.

Arief confirmed, it rejected the option to compete in an alternative place given by the police with security reasons for both supporters. “If we go to Bandung yesterday, why Persib not allowed to play in the city of Bekasi,” he said.

According Arief, it is willing to take responsibility if there will be chaos in Persija Pers Persib fight that led to the onset of casualties. “There our professionalism is tested, we are ready with all the risks,” he said.


Therefore, it will coordinate with Polrestro Bekasi City related security issues for the advanced match that will diarungi Maung Bandung. “When the game counter Persija later, I ask that the police also multiply the placement of personnel in the field,” he said.

He pointed out, when the game counter Arema some time ago, it was escorted about 2,500 police officers. “If necessary the amount is doubled or doubled, we also involve elements of community organization, military and coordinator of The Jak Mania,” he explained.

He predicts, the game against Persib will be attended by the majority of troops The Jak Mania to meet the capacity of 38,000 people. “I’m sure this stadium will be full of The Jak Mania and can even come out to the outside,” he concluded.

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