Perseru Hopes to Died Choirul Huda So Joint Lesson

Perseru Hopes to Died Choirul Huda So Joint Lesson

The death of Choirul Huda at the time of strengthening Persela Lamongan facing Semen Padang, Sunday (15/10/2017) then, continue to invite attention and sympathy from the footballers.

One of them is from Perseru Serui coach Agus Yuwono, who hopes the incident will be the last in the national football record.

He also hopes the incident can be a lesson for all parties, especially for footballers and match-fixing devices.

“Those parts (game support devices) should be given some kind of upgrading to be organized too, because, as far as I know, it is only done before the competition, it should be at break competition, it is also given to keep an evaluation, what to do if faced such incidents, “said Agus, Tuesday (17/10/2017).

“But yesterday it was just a four-day break, so it’s possible to hold such events.This is learning for all of us, including how to set up a good competition schedule.It should be in the beginning and before the second round, a kind of seminar for everyone involved in the match , “he said.

In particular, Agus also highlighted the match schedule that players must pass along with teams that are considered quite heavy and solid. Dense schedule that dilakoni can be dangerous for the health of players.

“The schedule also has to be re-thought, because the current schedule, in my opinion, is also quite dangerous to health, for example we just (Perseru), the 14th of main, keep on 18 play here and 22 main house again, the trip from Serui to Gresik was about 12 hours, tomorrow we finished the game straight home, “said Agus.

“It’s dangerous for the players – ideally there’s a game on Sunday, then Sunday again (weekends only), that’s just ideal, or it could be Wednesday (midweek), but that’s not every week, “he said.

Due to the tight schedule of matches that must be undertaken, said Agus, making the players disturbed that the results harm the health.

“Do not let them (players) play in tired conditions, because this is very dangerous. Fatigue with tired it’s different, if tired of his physical, but if tired maybe his mind, brain, all psychic. We hope the schedule is adjusted, not criticize, it’s just input. Because in that field who knows better is the coach. Because globally, that will determine the quality of competition, when we want to increase if like this continues, “said Agus.

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