MU Wins Great, Mourinho: CSKA Nothing Special

MU Wins Great, Mourinho: CSKA Nothing Special

Manchester United (MU) 4-1 win over CSKA Moscow at the VEB Arena on Wednesday (27/09/2017) or Thursday early morning GMT in the phase of Group A Champions League Agen Bola Terpercaya. Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho looks satisfied with the appearance of foster children.

In the game, Red Devils – nickname MU – dominate the game with master ball possession up to 61 percent. Nemanja Matic and his friends released seven kicks, five of them on target.

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“We started the game very strongly, I think we managed to surprise them with the attitude of the players,” said Mourinho, quoted from the official website of UEFA.

In the first half, the Red Devils are already winning three goals through Romelu Lukaku (two goals) and Anthony Martial. In the second half, MU added advantage thanks to Henrikh Mkhitaryan kick, while CSKA scored the consolation goal through Konstantin Kuchaev.

“They did not look special in front of us, maybe because we started the game with a strong attitude,” said the 54-year-old.

Victory makes MU more solidly at the top of Group A with six points. Seeing the two previous results, Mourinho optimistic Red Devils can step into the round of 16 large.

“We still have four more matches to play but MU has started very well, we are almost up to the target (escaped from the group phase),” he said.

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