Maitimo: The Dutch National Team Fate Like Persib

Maitimo: The Dutch National Team Fate Like Persib

The Dutch national team certainly failed to qualify for the 2018 World Cup after only finishing in third place in Group A qualifying European zone The failure of the Netherlands to make Arsenal midfielder Bandung, Raphael Maitimo disappointed.

“I’m very disappointed because this is a great team, a lot of good players, it’s a bit like Persib this season, a lot of quality players, but the results are not good,” said Maitimo,

“We see that Argentina is also lucky, very difficult to enter the World Cup.A month ago my friend Robin Van Persie was called up for the Dutch national team, but injured and many Dutch people sad.This is also the last game for Arjen Robben. Dutch national team can play again. ”

Maitimo explained he followed the national footing of the windmill in the four-yearly event qualification. According to him without the Netherlands, World Cup strikes slightly reduced.

“I’ve spoken to the Dutch in the Netherlands and all have been disappointed, but I have to respect the players always give the best for the team and now do not join the 2018 World Cup.”

“It’s a really great (not exciting) game because it’s a big team, history is huge, but it’s football, we see Iceland playing in the World Cup for the first time, this is a small team in the World Cup when compared to the Netherlands,” he explained.

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